Tom Jacoby

From childhood, I’ve been interested in art and music. Some things look good to me, other things sound good to me, so I have attempted to capture some of the sights and sounds I like and pass them on to others. For the most part, these have been rewarding activities. As it turns out, we all do not see and/or hear the same things. This is mostly good although it is also the cause of all kinds of problems that I will not address here. I determined early on that I was too lazy to be a painter or sculptor. Like most people, instant gratification was my preferred result. Instead of working through the difficulties of learning how to draw, paint, or sculpt, I hopped right on photography; been there ever since. The new age of digital photography has really allowed me to record/produce the images I want to pass on so, even though I’m an old person now, I’m seriously pleased with what I can do. I still can’t really explain why I find certain arrangements of light and objects pleasing. Some of it is learning, I’m sure, but much of it is intuitive. At this time in my life I think I’ll settle on being a sort of Zen photographer, trying to eliminate thoughts between experience and the recording of experience. Hey, that also saves lots of time! Skip the self-conscious analysis and agonizing and just take some pictures.