Laurel Siwicki

Laurel Siwicki is an award winning artist from Niceville, Florida. She studied Art History at Florida State University and Studio Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

During her artistic career, Siwicki has experimented with a variety of media but has found that clay is what best gives shape to her ideas. Her artwork reflects a sense of appreciation and observation of the natural world around her. Using a natural element such as clay seems only fitting for Siwickis creations.

Siwicki combines her interest in both creating art and art history in her works. Since the beginning of time, artists have been using symbols in their art to suggest their purpose while allowing the viewer to infer their own meaning. I use old and new symbols, all of which incorporate my Northwest Florida roots. These symbols include cypress trees, dilapidated skiffs, and native birds. Siwickis works also often include parts that look rusted or worn, which helps create a sense of the passing of time, highlighting the artists belief that lifes journeys take time and that one ought to enjoy them.

Siwickis own journey as an artist has led her to many places but she has recently discovered that the place from where she originally took flight, Northwest Florida, is the place where she now takes root.

Laurel Siwicki is represented by Signature Art Gallery in Tallahassee.