Larry Wilson

This series was influenced by my many trips to New Mexico and Santa Fe in particular. Santa Fe is a cultural mix of Native Americans, Angelos and Mexicans.

This series is in response to traditional Native American pottery. Each pueblo has their own style and the Spirit Vessel forms are my interpretation of the utilitarian pots that were used every day for cooking, transporting water and storing grains & seeds. Like the Native Americans they are hand built in the tradition “coil” method. The vessel exteriors express the actual construction method used by allowing the coil lines to show. The outside of the vessels are left in the natural state without any stains or glazes so not to appear as a mimic of the originals. In addition, I have added the found “drift wood” handles as a nod to my Florida roots. The drift wood is bound with raw hide lacing in its most natural state.

Photography made possible by Amy Ploss-Samson