Kathy Stark

Kathy has been aware of and in awe of the natural world around her as long as she can remember: the details of creation, the reflections of light, contrasts of texture, variance of color, the shape and form of her surroundings. She chooses her subject matter to create a window to the natural world through which the viewer has a heightened awareness of its beauty.

She especially enjoys painting large, even monumental, oils and watercolors of “my beloved Florida” wilderness surroundings that she explores through hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, mountain biking and dog walking.

Her painting style expresses her personality: realistic, straightforward, positive, and authentic. Her work is classically driven with a contemporary sense of composition and color. She works from nature, compositional sketches, studies, and her own color photographs. Although realistic in approach, a transformation take place as she paints, and the subjects take on a life of their own.

Kathy was born in Jacksonville, Florida, received a BA in Studio Arts from Furman University, and attended the University of Florida for post baccalaureate studies. She has worked as a set designer and art director for the film industry, and in environment design for attractions, zoos and museums.
Kathy has been a full-time artist for over twenty years, and her artwork is in private and public collections, museums, and galleries throughout the American southeast.