Cliff Goodman

Cliff Goodman began his journey as a glass artist in 1976. Goodman’s passion for glass blossomed as he received unparalleled instruction while studying alongside glass master Fritz Driesbach and attending the renowned Pilchuck School. His art reflects the beauty of the natural world and is heavily influenced by the regions cultural and natural landscapes. Inspired by nature, his work is characterized by a wide range of organic forms which are met with a balance of precision and chance. Goodman strives for innovation through experimentation.

With over 30 years of experience as a glass artist, Goodmans work can be seen and purchased in galleries around the world. In 1991 Goodman founded Seattle Glassblowing Studio, a place dedicated to fostering creative freedom, collaboration, and education.

The Studio is comprised of a team of professional artists who assist Cliff Goodman. The pieces are signed Seattle Glassblowing Studio to honor all the hands that went into creating each piece.