Cheryl Sattler

Cheryl Sattlers textured and touchable glass pieces are all about escape. Having grown up with way too many rules about what to do and not do, what to touch and not touch (glass!), and what girls should and shouldn’t be, she spent her time daydreaming about running free, flying away like a bird, or swimming to the bottom of the sea as a mermaid. Growing up in Florida, the water was a magnet for her imagination; theres a whole other world underneath that blueness.

She grew up to break all those rules, and more. Her glass begs to be touched (and you should). She works inside the kiln in a way thats different from anyone else, creating glass that captures not only light but movement moments in time. Her glass worlds are full of leaves, and water, and fields of wildflowers just right for running through barefoot. Everything starts with sheets of colored glass, or the same glass crushed to varying degrees but the end result is magic.

She experiments constantly and still has never found a rule she didnt want to break. Thats why her studio is called Imagine That! Glass because in the imagination, there are no rules.