Bob Ichter


John ( Bob) Ichter is best known for his brilliant colored, stylized landscapes in pastel. His color-saturated landscapes convey his passion for the beauty of nature. Ichter includes elements in his paintings from different regions of the United States and the world that he has experienced in his travels.  All of these elements are transformed by his imagination into works with striking visual impact that are the same time peaceful.

Also known as “Bob” to his friends, romantic pastels are richly colored and hand-rubbed onto lushly textured black suede archival board. According to Ichter, each piece is designed to evoke a certain time of day and to transport the viewer to another place.  Autumn and dusk are favorite themes, which have been inspired by landscapes from around the world.  You may find yourself gazing into the rolling hills of the French countryside, strolling along a windy Normandy beach, exploring a pathway through a North Carolina Blue Ridge forest, gazing at a dragonfly resting upon a patch of waterlillies in Claud Mnot’s gardens at Giverny or floating along the rive Seine.  Be it sunrise, sunset or a full moonlit night, you are certain to want to return again and again.