Ann Frantic

“Two of my uncles were artists – one gave me a book on “How to Draw “ and “ The Color Wheel” when I was small. So all my life I’ve been doing something in art. When I was 48, circumstances demanded I become a self-proclaimed professional and charge for my efforts.”

“Now after 20 years I have a broad range of styles from small island girls to larger pieces done on ¼” South American wood with acrylic as the medium. Gauguin is the artist that has been the main person I’ve admired but the colors I use are a subconscious memory of that little book given to me a long time ago.”

Known primarily as “Frantic” she has also applied her considerable talent to her own hand crafted ceramic pieces. Regional artist Ann Frantic’s lively, energetic work is currently carried by various galleries from New Orleans to Tallahassee, Florida and appears in many private collections throughout the country.